6 Tips On Communicating With Your Subconscious Self

As I was going through Igor Ledochowski’s Conversational Hypnosis package, I learned a very interesting concept of “Self”. Have you ever done something that you could not figure out how you’ve done it? Physically, you are taking that action but mentally as if there’s something else is making you do it.

It sounds a bit negative but there is a way we can communicate with our subconscious self.

The following are 6 tips on how to communicate with our unconscious self as I understood from the teachings of Igor Ledochowski.

1) Being aware – Acknowledge the existence of your own sub-conscious mind. Know that it is always there but maintain a neutral feeling of it.

It is neither a negative or positive feeling, just being aware of its presence.

2) Determine how it has been serving you – This is also known as “eliciting the positive intent”. The idea is to find out how your subconscious mind has been serving you.

For example, a sport person may go into a zone where their game is at the peak performance or when you are able to think of a solution to a problem at yet able to drive your car. These are some examples when your other self is assisting you.

3) Thank your other self – Thanking your sub-conscious self keep a positive state of mind. Think of it as fostering a good relationship with your other self.

4) Negotiating with your subconscious self – It sounds weird, but you actually talk to your other self and negotiate with it.

Present different options and ask it to consider the pros and cons. Ask your other self to choose the best outcome.

5) Transform your other self to serve a useful role – When you’ve negotiated and accepted a certain outcome, set your subconscious mind to serve the area which you want to improve.

For example, you may want to quit smoking, get your subconscious to mentally prevent your mind from having the craving to smoke.

6) Bring it back home – You may have removed your other self through some hypnosis exercise. When there’s a need, you can bring it back home where it can reside in your subconscious mind again.

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