Understanding The Amazing Power Of Seduction Hypnosis

The power of hypnosis seduction was the main topic of the film “The Illusionist” released by Edward Norton. In that movie, a scene related to the spontaneous impulses of the hypnotized heroine towards the hero, who was her seducer.

Seduction almost acts upon a person as if he is hypnotized. The term” hypnosis seduction” might have been developed from this. There have been innumerable TV shows projecting hypnotic methods, when a hypnotist with his commanding words would make a person fall asleep.

We also find the professional hypnotist waking up the person with his typical commands and signals, all familiar scenes to many of us. A person under hypnosis loses all controls over him and his mind would be responding, only to the commands of the hypnotist.

There will be little resistance from the hypnotized person. Similarly attraction of a woman to a man is another form of hypnosis. Such a woman would act to the commands and directions of that man without any resistance.

This reminds me of a scene in the film “The phantom of the Opera” where the Phantom carries Christine to his habitat singing “Music of the Night” and she falling in total entrancement.

A man who is out to seduce a woman must be a person in authority, whom a woman would treat as a center of power and would obey his commands without any hesitation. This is the basic reason why women generally admire great political figures and the celebrities.

But everybody cannot be a celebrity or political figure, by swimming against the currents of the present day life. A person can build up his social status and identity in the society and thus become a significant figure, easily to be recognized by the women. He becomes desirable and easily attracted to women who treat him as person with a recognition.

Women become easily susceptible to seduction by such persons. Seductions have many spheres. A person can be indoctrinated and tempted to carry out any pointed act at the will of the seducer.

Seduction of the opposite sex is another form discussed in the Phantom story above. It is possible to attract and bring people to one side by offering something pleasant or beneficial to them.

But hypnotism acts upon in a different manner. The object of a hypnotist is to centralize the attention of the whole audience to a particular point. Similarly a person under hypnosis is convinced to do according to the will of the hypnotist.

Here let us discuss how advertising media utilizes a particular method to attract the customers. There was a time the supermodels graced the cover of beauty magazines and some of the hottest actresses of the time became accessible to the public, as more and more people grabbed the copies and that boosted up the sale of the publisher.

It was as if the passerby were hypnotized by a look at the magazine store. Among other qualities and skills what is desired of seduction hypnosis is the authority, charm and the ability to narrow the attention of the target audience to a central point, to achieve success.

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