Are Psychic For Real? So Far There Is No Scientific Proof

Is psychic for real? Personally, I think there is nothing real about psychic since there are no scientific proofs supporting their claim. In other words, psychic means charlatanism – an act of fraudulent, elaborate and often lofty claims to skill or knowledge, practiced for fraudulent activity.

A charlatan always has mollified intention and can never be termed as an honest charlatan. Similarly, there is no point mentioning something as a fake charlatan and hence there is nothing called real or fake psychic, since these are always fake.

Every year, millions of people around the globe spend billions of dollars on ideas and fields built around deception. Psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, astrologists, palmist and people of these types are outright charlatans. If someone claims that he/she has psychic abilities, beware careful because they are out to dupe you.

You must be thinking as to where and with whom you can speak confidently about these ‘mystical’ fields. Let me tell you, for years I have been studying hypnosis and illusion as well as the effects that these fields can have on a person and I was really surprised to find out as to how much people create and imagine their own reality in comparison to what actually exists.

All the psychics operate on a technique known as ‘Cold Reading’ – a method through which they create illusion to make you believe that they have clairvoyance – ability or a form of extra-sensory perception, other than the known human senses, to know about different things.

However, in reality, they do not possess such sense and as a matter of fact, nobody does. This ‘Cold Reading’ technique is very simple and with some practice, even you can master it. Using this technique, psychic make statements that are universally true and can be applicable to anyone; however, since they try to create illusion, when you hear it, the statement seems true and applicable to you.

For example, if I say that money is a big concern for you at this moment, you are bound to think that I have clairvoyance. Now, as it is said, money is never in surplus; therefore, if you struggling financially, looking for a new jobs or have fallen into a debt trap, you are going to find this statement true.

On the other hand, if you are rich and planning to expand your business, then also this statement is going to ring true, since you are thinking about the sources from where to accumulate the required fund.

Therefore, no matter what your situation is, the statement is always going to seem true to you. The psychic would add a bit of showmanship to the statement and would probably say that the positions of the stars are not exactly favorable for you and you have a serious monetary concern at present.

Since, you are of the belief that these psychics have some mystical powers and on top of this the psychic is masquerading a simple statement with jargons; it is going to sound true to you. In reality, it is not and I have never seen these psychic say something specific about a person’s past with pinpoint accuracy.

If I ask you to predict as to where and when the next earthquake is going to happen, in all probability you are going to be incorrect. However, if I ask you to make 100 such guesses, there is a fair bit of possibility that one of these might prove to be correct.

Psychics also follow this principle and remain rest assured that 99% of their predictions are wrong. Do a simple research and you are bound to be surprised by the fact that there had never been any scientific backing to any psychic claim. This is because, psychics operate on pure chance and they cascade their success by taking testimonials of the lucky few, which can be 1 in a 100.

You might find it shockingly simple and unethical but believe me, these psychics create these scams based on Cold Reading in combination with random guesses.

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