How Your Body Language Is Affecting Your Work

We are all concerned about the impression we make on others and our body language plays a very important role in the way others perceive us. Lots of professions in which there is a lot of interaction with people, your listening skills are very important in order to develop and cultivate good relationships.

Irrespective of the kind of business you are in, you need to interact with people if you want to succeed and for that both your body language as well as listening abilities will go a long way to help you. Unless people feel comfortable around you, they will not wish to deal with you.

Even if you are a good listener but have a poor body language, you will not be able to impress others in a positive way. People need to feel that they are very important to you. Let us look at certain gestures and body language that can irritate the person in front of you.

For instance, if you fold your arms about your chest or tap your toes impatiently or even look around here and there while the other is speaking, you are showing that you are disinterested in them. Facing the person directly while having an important conversation makes them realize that this interaction is important to you and you are serious about getting along with them.

Leaning forward slightly while talking to a person makes them feel important and that you are listening to their views keenly. Eye contact is important. If you look down or away while holding a conversation, they are going to feel offended by that. By the way, your posture cannot be too stiff and formal, nor can it be too casual.

In case you are aware that your body language has caused some negative issues, start following these tips and you will be greatly able to improve your relationships.

Your body language is something that people will observe all the time.

The fact is your body is communicating something or the other 24×7. Even if you are not speaking, the way you sit or stand or walk about tell others something about you. If your body language is not sincere, you could end up creating an impression that you don’t want to. So body language really plays an important part in helping you get on in life.

The Credibility Factor

Your body language can go a long way to help you build credibility with your customers and colleagues. Send positive vibes as you enter a client’s office. Be organized and prepared and don’t keep looking down in confusion at your papers because then they will get the message that you are unprepared or confused and that will go against you.

Other Tips On Body Language

When you shake a person’s hand make it warm and firm. Choose a chair and sit down. Don’t stand around waiting to be asked to take a chair. Don’t sit too close or too far from the customer. If you know the person to be shy, sit a little further away. And if the person is a little more outgoing, you might want to lean in to make a point.

Ideally, you could maintain a distance of twenty to fifty inches depending on the situation.

Eye Contact And Voice Modulation

Maintaining eye contact and a warm smile on the face give the impression of honesty and kindness. Maintaining eye contact has to be just right. If you look around too much you may give the impression of being disinterested or lacking in confidence. But if you stare too hard, you may end up making the person feel uncomfortable around you.

Speak naturally and passionately and the very sincerity in your voice will grab the attention of the person seated opposite you.

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