Captivate Your Audience On Stage Using Milton Erickson’s Hypnosis

Captivating the audience is the art and technique used by the father of hypnosis, Dr. Milton Erickson and is part of NLP training. People assumed that he was forgetful not knowing what he was upto. For Erickson, that doesn’t matter as he was always successful in putting people into trance.

When Dr. Erickson was visiting some friends, he recalled, he heard loud noises from across street while getting out of his car. Being extremely curious he wandered over there to find out what those noises are about.

He looked up to find out that it was indeed a “Boiler Factory”. Now being really curious and wanting to know what exactly was happening he pushed the heavy metal door throwing his full body weight to have the door slowly opened and to know that it’s pitch dark inside.

After getting adjusted to the darkness he was aghast to find out that it is indeed a dentist’s office. In the NLP training session, Dr. Erickson told the class that he uses the hypnosis technique only for the dentist clients. I was so excited to talk to him about it and I had to wait till next break.

During the break when I found him to know more about it I was captivated by the explanation given and wanted to learn more. Just imagine being able to captivate your audience from the beginning of your meeting, session or class!

That clearly reflects your effectiveness as a teacher, as a sales person, or as legal representative or any such group captivating profession. That is a really very special technique.

Modern NLP Coaches

It took Richard Bandler and John Grinder to research on what exactly Dr. Milton Erickson was doing to achieve the results he was getting. In NLP, this is actually called as “unpacking” and if done by an expert is called “modeling”.

During their research, while making a brief note of Dr. Erickson’s successful actions they have noticed that he would start stories and then just when he reached an interesting part of that story, he would start another one. And at the end of the session he would wrap up all the stories being told.

The process is known as “Nested Loops”. In Nested loops you’ll usually have a set of one to five stories depending upon one’s ability to unwrap the stories told into one big one story. The secret here is to split the story at the most interesting part.

The place you left shud be a “cliffhanger” and that should be leaving the person with a good feeling and positive state. Also you should be aware of the states the audience would be taking by your lecture. Your capability is to take the audience to anchor the states and stories to your idea.

The idea is to open up the “loops” as I did in the beginning of this article. The story of Milton Erickson, then the one about the dentist, then delivers your content, your talk, etc. Once you have finished with your content you should close up the loops in reverse order as I am doing now.

I will close this article with the end of dentist’s story and then with Milton Erickson’s boiler factory story. I spoke with the dentist and was amazed at the simple hypnotic technique he used to successfully anesthetize his clients. We have made advances in the field of hypnosis since its beginning.

When Milton Erickson could finally focus in on the dark interiors of the boiler factory, he noticed that there were many workers going every which way, doing many tasks. He wanted to talk with the manager and find out more.

You see, I left you hanging a bit at the end of the second story. This can be done by every one of you. It makes people wonder what exactly it is and wanting to know more.

Once you try this you will be amazed to know at how people will be fascinated with what you’re saying what you would be telling next. That’s nothing but Captivating to make people wait for your next word to deliver. It’s just the curiosity about “the rest of story” that feeds over into the actual material you would want to deliver.

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