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3 Distinctive Colors Of Body Language

There are certain other means of communications other than words. It is believed that more than sixty percent of our expressions are demonstrated through body language.

People may tell lies verbally while their body language will be depicting what is really true. It is therefore important that we observe body language with our eyes to get to know the truth on such occasions.

There have been several writings on interpretation of several gestures of body language. They include movements like sudden turning away, sitting back, leaning forward, scratching nose etc. But we need a proper tool for decoding body language and for this purpose a person’s body language is color-coded as green, yellow and red.

A person with green body language will hold his listeners interested in his words and ideas. He can measure his words thoughtfully and correctly and have his listeners immersed in his talks. A person of this category will be able to maintain many positive qualities like strong eye contact, signals like head nodding, leaning in, open hands and maintaining a smiling face before his audience.

A person with yellow body language will have a different character. His audience will listen to him while they continue to nod with some other ideas in their minds. They may have some points of their own to make out and many misunderstandings to get clarified.

Sometimes they may experience boredom in your talks and may distract from your conversations. They may feel uneasiness until you address their concern in your talks. Some signs of yellow body language include finger tapping, raising eyebrow, crossing arms, cocking head turning away and not looking into the eyes of listeners.

A person with red body language will have an audience not actually uninterested in his talks. The listeners will rather feel intimidated, angry, upset and nervous when such a person proceeds to address them. Such a person is easily to be misunderstood if he makes a move to pursue his view points. He has to rebuild his relationship with his listeners before going to present his points.

When the audience ignores the talk of such a person, it is a signal that the relationship is worsened. The negative qualities of this body language include gesticulations like making a fist, shaking head, invasion of personal space of another, abrupt and violent movements and a total refusal for eye contact with the listeners.

We can draw a parallel for these three qualities from the traffic signals conveying different meanings. A person with yellow body language will normally rush ahead without listening to what their audience wants to communicate, ignore all signals, enter into disagreements and prop up misunderstandings and still will wonder why nobody wants to hear him.

According to Brain Tracy, the author of Advanced selling strategies, the socially–adept people and inept people are determined by the ability of a person to understand and respond adequately by reading the body language. Though many people are skilled in this, only a few are capable of effective and quick response to body language communications.

When we fail to respond to body language intelligently, a communication problem may crop up there. At the same time a green body signal is indicative of a proper rapport of the listener encouraging the speaker to continue his talks. If a person is sending yellow signal, you should discontinue the talk and try to establish an understanding with the listener before proceeding further.

You can have your listener focused on you after mending your ways and till you are able to establish a green signal environment.