Body Language – Communicating Without Using Words

Home sapiens survived its existence through communicating among each other. This process is through overt as well as covert ways.

We use the alphabets in languages in talking with each other and translate in writing for written communication. There is a method to speak without any language. When language uses alphabets to communicate, in this nonverbal communication it dwells upon relationships.

This method transverse all methods of communication in the way of communication. Here it is termed as meta-communicating and science of communicating.

It does what words fail to do. The art of communication tries to transfer a message to another person and at the same time, the exact meaning of the communication to decipher by the other person is necessary.

The modus-operandi followed here also outlines the personal relationship with the other person or even our image in our mind of the other person. Words fail here and it is simpler to emote rather than talk on emotions.

An expression of word comes out in body language. Non-verbal communication expresses it as langue (in compared to the parole) in the de Saussurian meaning. We put this into practice often. However, we do not realize it.

Expression Through Touch

The expression of touch varies with the person to person we communicate and that touch differ from a third person we touch during communication to a touch we give to our spouse while we communicate.

It becomes impossible without non-verbal communication and written communication is the only one that lacks it. Are we aware? We work at our unconscious level as we tend to pass a message through body language.

The impact of it on the value of the message is very high. This tends us to come to a decision that it is far better to become conscious of ourselves and more vital is other’s body jargon. We channelize our body language for an aim and try to assimilate the meaning of others too.

The cultural connections of our body language are also to assimilate by us, as each culture denotes it variedly. The meaning bases on the circumstances, the culture, and the association we enjoy with the person as well as the sex of the other person.

A single action of a part of our body has a different connotation to various citizen of the countries around this world. This is a vital clue and should be a part of our knowledge base. The signs of our body well links with the words used in our language as well as mannerism.

When we link, that is here, different signs can help each other and complete the implication of our speech. The use of a particular body jargon by social groups is very open and this is due to the inability of their language to do that.

Groups that are significantly marginal have such said practice and they are constantly pampered by the majority group found in the society.

Expressing Our Feelings

Feelings matter, body language is a way to reveal our feelings. When we are in deep love with a person, it may be hard to reveal (with purpose or without purpose) that in words on the other hand, body language comes in handy for it.

The converse may also hold good. We may scold others but our body language may not reveal it overtly. This may put the opposite person in dilemma and in a state of disarray. This explains as passing out a twofold message-one in a word and another through body lingo.

Our body language normally fails to camouflage our inner feelings. We come out with our actual inner feelings without realizing their body language. Studies have also reveals that we believe more on a person’s body language more than what they speak. Due to this said tendency, we may not take into consideration the meaning of the words said if it does not match with the body lingo.

Awareness Of How We Communicate

It is proven by research that others decipher only less than 5 % of our nature through our words. It is important fact that we can understand as well as manage our body language. The person we talk to may not in a position to write in words or to confirm that we have passed a message from our body language.

However, it is not the case. We have come across situations as if somebody does not like us or you may not digest what others have spoken. The said are all the sixth sense and here the body language gives us signal on other persons through our sixth sense. We must initially be thorough on the body language of ourselves. We should get to know about its reflection on others as well is in our self.

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