Conversational Hypnosis Technique – How We Speak Without Speaking

Here’s an interesting fact that most people may not know. We have the ability to speak without speaking. Meaning, without having to open our mouth, everything about us can be transmitted to another person’s mind.

How in the world do we do this? It is some kind of powerful hypnosis technique?

Far from it…it is all about projecting our first impression.

First impressive is actually quite rare. It only happens when we meet a complete stranger. On that very moment, a lot of things can happen which will influence how that person interact with us.

According to Igor Ledochowski, one of the master trainers of conversational hypnosis, more than 80% of someone’s first impression is in the way they move.

Let’s take the office environment as an example. Imagine you are on your very first day with a new company and you are being introduced to all your new colleagues.

When you are meeting your new colleagues, you could instantly know how friendly they felt towards you, how confident they are and approximately how much influence they have in the company.

How could you have known this since you have never met them before?

That is the amazing power of first impression. You could sense, just by simply looking at how they move or walk around the office, you’ll know who are the influencers and who are not.

I guess the ability for us to make sense of first impression has a lot to do with our experiences. We develop an emotional reaction even before we have the time to register what is causing that reaction.

Therefore, at the very moment you meet someone new, your brain will have a massive hit of information. We make decision at that instant which will lay the groundwork for the entire relationship.

So, if you want to increase your communication skill, understand the importance of the first impression. Know how to use it to your advantage.

Igor Ledochowski in his Power of Conversational Hypnosis program recommends for us to immolate movie stars to develop a strong first impressive.

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