The Effect Of Body Language During A Job Interview

You would know that in these days no employer will be selecting you for a job by simply looking into your bio-data. You will be landing nowhere near success unless you are able impress the interviewer with a positive body language.

It is statically proven that the words contributed for 35% of messages being sent across while 65% are managed by tone of voice and body language. An expert interviewer can easily assess the true nature and characteristics of a person from his body signals.

He can also find out whether you are a confident and friendly person or that you are a shy and withdrawn personality. Your attitude whether you are a team player or a solo personality and your level of honesty and truthfulness can also be assessed from your body language.

An expert interviewer never cares to listen to what you answer for the questions posed to you, but would pay keen attention to the intensity and way of expressions. He reviews your answers and qualifications with reference to requirements only after assessing your inner feelings readable from your body language.

You cannot catch up their imagination if you have no idea about the negative attributes possible from some of your body reactions. If your image sends signals and gestures of uneasiness, apprehension, weariness, dullness distrust and all such negative feelings it will be difficult for you to successfully compete in a job market.

The first few minutes of the interview are very crucial within which an interviewer can formulate a definite opinion about your positive and negative attitudes and evaluate your suitability for a specific job from your body language. Etiquette requires that you politely wait for a few minutes until your interviewer extends his hand for a shake-hand.

While doing so, make a firm grip and shake the hand while maintaining an eye contact with the interviewer. A good and effective hand shake establishes an inspiring confidence. A weak and halfhearted handshake may send wrong signals about the personality that will diminish your chances of success.

When you approach an interviewer never go and take a seat unless you are asked to do so by the interviewer. At the same time take care about your surroundings and avoid having to face a bright and shining window which may obstructs you from maintaining a direct eye contact with your interviewer.

If you have an option for a seat change never hesitate to ask for permission to do so. To project a correct body language, you have to maintain a right posture with confidence and comfort. Your appearance should never send signals of negative body language.

If you became restless and stiff in any given situation, find out a reasonable space for repositioning your self. When you are comfortably seated upright, avoid any strain or stiffness to your neck. Your head should be positioned at the eye level of the interviewer to show that you are adequately interested in the interview process.

Instead of sitting tight in the seat relax shoulders and rest your hands on the armrest of the chair so that you can communicate effectively with hand gestures for a forceful presentation of your opinions and ideas. But do not over act with excessive body gestures which may hamper your prospects of success.

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