First Impressive – Communicating Without Even Saying a Word

Why do you want to learn conversational hypnosis? Personally, my main goal of learning verbal hypnosis is to improve my communication skills with others.

How about you?

One thing that I really like from Igor Ledochowski’s teachings is how to impress others without even saying a word.

Is that really possible?

Let’s think about it. When 2 people lay eyes on each other for the first time, that very moment has huge potency. They do not know each other, hence what happen next will etched into their memory forever. In other words, first impressive counts!

So, how do we project a good, or rather a great first impressive?

According to Igor, to create a strong and positive initial impressive, how you carry yourself counts. Great personality is projected through your appearance, posture and even the way you move.

Why is first impressive so important in the way we communicate with others?

In a fast paced world, we experience information overload constantly. We meet new people everyday either on the streets, in meetings, bars, restaurants and even in online social networks.

Our senses are bombarded with information every second and that can make a lot of people’s head spin.

Therefore, in order to cope, human being must form quick judgment and make sense of strangers they meet and get on with what they have to do.

So, when we meet a new person, they take an instant snapshot of us and that become the data they deal with for a very long time.

So now you know the importance of 1st impressive.

I heard of the effects of initial impression when we are meeting someone new, but I really didn’t put much emphasis into it.

Now that we’ve know how non verbal communication can affect how others think about us, it is best be work on our personal appearance. In his program, Igor gives a few good suggestions on how we can immolate rock stars to create a great first impression.

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    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

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