How To Hypnotize Someone Quickly With The Handshake Method

The art of conversational hypnosis is a skill most of us would want to have. Just imagine how this skill will help us in our daily lives. You would be able to effectively communicate with your customers, boss, friend and even your family. It is truly an amazing skill which everyone should acquire.

Verbal hypnosis, just like any other skill can be learnt by anyone. In actual fact, there are many ways how you can hypnotize someone quickly. One of them is the Handshake Method.

The Handshake Hypnosis Method

The handshake method is actually one of my favorite hypnosis techniques because people are confused and get off guard by it. It works by disrupting a person’s automatic behavior pattern.

Here’s an example, imaging you see your friend waves at you from a distance, what would you do? You would instinctively lift your hand and wave back. Have you thought of why we do this automatically?

The same process works for handshake as well. When a person extends their hand in a greeting, we automatically extend ours without realizing it. Our mind and hand seem to be in auto-pilot.

Now, what would happen if you were to break that automatic pattern? When that happens, it will throw someone off and they will stand there confused for a moment. When a pattern is interrupted, our mind doesn’t know how to respond and it’ll go blank for a second.

Using The Handshake Method To Hypnotize Someone

Here’s how you can hypnotize someone immediately using a similar Handshake Method. Start by having a conversation with the person you want to hypnotize. In the middle of the conversation, quickly change topics and talk about something they can relate to.

The new topic can be anything. You could even talk about how you would love to have a cold beer right now. If he responded and acts as if he could go for a beer also, it shows he is susceptible to being hypnotized quickly. Now, go back to your normal discussion earlier.

As you continue to talk, stick your hand out as if you want to shake his hand. His automatic response will be to stick his hand out. When he does, grab on his wrist instead of taking his hand to confuse him.

Now, take his hand and quickly place it on his face and say “sleep”. Using a soothingly voice, tell him to close his eyes and to go into a safe, warm sleep. Now you have interrupted his normal automatic pattern and have taken control.

The Handshake Method may not work on your first try. Nonetheless, if you were to do some practice, you will get better at it. By disrupting an automatic pattern, you can easily confuse a person and hypnotize him quickly.

Conversational Hypnosis Techniques

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