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Have you thought of improving your personal communication skill? I have because the work I do involves talking to customers and potential customers and convincing them to sign a contract with me. Communication skill is very important because it directly affects my livelihood. How about you?

One option I know of which can improve the effectiveness of our communication is by using conversational hypnosis. One of the top trainers in this field in none other than Igor Ledochowski. Ledochowski was one of the students of the late Dr. Milton Erickson, the founder of modern conversational hypnosis.

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for Igor Ledochowski books and training material on Google. He has written 2 books which I found on Amazon.com, The Deep Trance Training Manual and a Spanish version call Manual De Formacion En Trance Profundo. But one of his most popular training guides is The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Home Study Course which is available from www.conversational-hypnosis.com/.

Conversational Hypnosis Home Study Course

Personally, I think the covert hypnosis learning course by Igor Ledowchowski is much better than his physical books. There is one good reason why I said so.

The art of conversational hypnosis involves the usage of words to communicate sub-consciously with the person you are talking to. Therefore, its effectiveness depends largely on the usage of tonality, volume, tempo, speed and rhythm of the words you use.

Can you imagine trying to experience a hypnotic speed by reading a book? It’s impossible, isn’t it? The only way you can really hear how the words are being said is if the training materials are presented to you via video or audio format. That’s exactly what’s offered from Ledochowki’s home study program.

If you were to visit www.conversational-hypnosis.com, you’ll see the bulk of the material are delivered to you via MP3 files. In fact, there are a lot of materials covered.

Ledochowki has prepared up to 12 sections of audio recordings teaching you everything you’ll need to know about verbal hypnosis. There are over 18 hours of total recording time and every chapters are transcribed and delivered to you in PDF files.

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The audio files are very convenient because you can load them into your iPod and listen to them when you are driving, doing chores at home or working out in the gym.

Should you invest in the conversational hypnosis package? Honestly, Igor Ledochowski’s books and audio recordings are suitable for those who are really serious to improve their communication skill. This is a premium program and the training material offered is really comprehensive. The investment cost is a onetime payment of $197.

Secured Payment Page

Secured Payment Page

Nonetheless, the home study program does come with a 60 days money back guarantee. You can buy the package on a trial basis. If for whatever reasons you do not like the course, you can contact the publisher and ask them for a full refund.

But you have to get this done within 2 months from your purchase date. To be fair, if the program offers you valuable information, let them keep their hard earned money so the publisher can pay their employees and maintain the web site.

I bought the conversational hypnosis home study course by Igor Ledochowski a couple of weeks ago. I listen to at least 1 audio file a day. Some of the chapters, I have listened to them more than 5 times.

Generally, I am really happy with the teaching material offered. I couldn’t ask for anything better. If you are planning to improve the way you communicate with people, check out Ledochowski’s web site now.

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