Igor Ledochowski Conversational Hypnosis Technique – The Powerful Posture

When we are practicing conversational hypnosis, we use more than just the words coming from our mouth. In actual fact, verbal hypnosis also utilizes our body action.

One technique that Igor Ledochowski teaches is the power of having a strong posture when we are talking. In some profession, having a strong and powerful posture can mean the difference between success and failure.

If you were to project the wrong disposition, for example, dropping your shoulder or not facing the person you are talking to, you may not have the chance to get your message across to the other person.

When you have a powerful posture when you are talking, for some reason, people will pay more attention to you. Ledochowski understands this and he encourages all of his verbal hypnosis course students to learn how to project a strong posture.

If a strong posture is a prerequisite to conversational hypnosis, why don’t we learn how to develop it.

Here’s an exercise as recommended from Igor Ledochowski’s Power Of Conversational Hypnosis course, imagine you are walking into a room. Picture a piece or rope hanging from the ceiling down to your head about 2 inches from your scalp.

As you walk into the room, try to touch the top of your head to the rope by stretching your spin and neck. Stretch your entire body into perfect alignment, neck extended, shoulder pushed back and your torso out of hips.

By doing so, you will automatically have a strong and powerful stance, even though you are just trying to touch the top of your head to the bottom of the imaginary rope hanging from the ceiling.

Next time you are about to initiate conversational hypnosis on a person, picture the rope above your head and stretched out your body to project the posture of someone important. With such posture, you will definitely get the attention of the person you are talking to.

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2 thoughts on “Igor Ledochowski Conversational Hypnosis Technique – The Powerful Posture

  1. Simone

    Question 1: Paul states his beilef that Alex has deep feelings towards the people in the bombing but something strong inside him keeps those emotions from being acknowledged. Do you agree with this opinion? Why or why not?I agree with Paul’s statement that Alex is suppressing his guilt. Last episode he denied it completely with an argument that stood up but only under the perspective of him as a man of the military. By this I mean someone who has been trained to separate themselves emotionally from their work as to get the difficult jobs done easier. However this argument fell short for him as a man, though he hid behind his military stance quite well. This time he could not do this because during his visit he had to pretend to be someone he is not. He had to pretend to be a civilian, not the navy pilot he truly was. He had to let that rough exterior down to take on the disguise to protect himself, but inadvertently opened himself up to the emotions he had suppressed under the repetition of the fact that he was a man of the military who does only what he is told too. This is why he had such a strong reaction to the old man “recognizing” him. He even knew there was no possibility the old man could have seen his picture, yet he knew that somehow the old man did truly recognize him. In part I think he knew this because he was recognizing himself and his suppressed guilt.Question 2: Do you notice anything about Alex’s posture throughout the session? If so, what is it that you notice and how would you interpret it?His posture starts off very laid back but with a flare of arrogance having come back safe and sound despite Paul’s objections. He sits back and almost boasts about his actions. He does this until he takes a drink of coffee, at which point he springs forward, put off by the taste which Paul smartly calls as an indicator of how Alex is treating the sessions, that which he does not like is immediately “spit out”. From this point on Alex varies between forward and back depending on the intensity of the current conversation but all the while he is very on guard. Only when he speaks of his grandfather and father does he seem to loosen up, yet his voice still shows the sensitivity of the topic as well as his vulnerability. When speaking of his wife he tenses up even more. His positioning at any given moment does not seem to reflect his voice, as he seems to lay back or lean forward at will, but over the session its rapid change shows unease.Question 3: Have you noticed any progress since Alex’s first session? Has he opened up more? Has he changed his behavior towards Paul in any way?Alex is much more laid back then he was before. He is not trying to control the conversation as much as he did last time and he is even opening up with other events in his life. I immediately noticed that upon his arrival it was as though he had just entered an old and familiar home. He took off his jacket, grabbed coffee, and sat down comfortably as if it wasn’t his second visit to a psychiatrist but return to his military base. This is fitting as Paul continuously points out that Alex has given him the role as a military superior who grants permission or a “stamp of approval”. Though he continues to treat Paul as if he were almost a boss but at the same time an underling, he has warmed up to Paul more after the genuine show of concern he displayed to Alex at the last session in regards to his trip. He still doesn’t seem to fully understand how the visits are supposed to work, but at least in the way he is trying to control them he is progressing.

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