What It Takes To Master Reading Of Body Language?

The question here is whether you are skilled enough at learning the body language of another person. We can observe people speaking what is not actually within their thoughts and feelings. It is the body language of a person that greatly influences others than other means of communications.

In fact every person indulges in sending some sort of physical gestures consciously or involuntarily while communicating with others. The weakness or strength of a personality can be decided from the body language he conveys.

When we read the body language of another person, a reciprocal action takes place from his side also, to understand our body language.

Raising Red Flags

It is only by assessment of a person at subconscious level, that we get his true picture. Body language is an important factor that we evaluate while formulating our true opinion on others. At times it so happens that we start distrusting every action of certain people even if they are new to us.

The force behind this feeling is a type of red flag signal flowing in from the body language of such personalities. It is important during conversations that you use gestures that are natural and true and avoid such physical gestures that are likely to send negative signals about your personality.

If you remain true to yourself and remain confident and relaxed, it would reflect your body language also. If you feel confident in the presence of others, you beget a similar feeling from others also. People with positive body language can be seen walking erect with their heads up and shoulders back.

A steady eye contact is very much important during the conversations to earn the trust of others. A person who keeps his arms relaxed at sides and walks or sits with his palms open sends a signal that he is approachable and trustworthy.

Meeting For The First Time

It is important to ensure that we never take indifferent or defensive postures during the first interaction with another. On such occasions we should stand in a posture that we feel comfortable and confident and self-assured.

Any person trying to look bigger my taking more space around him, will create an impression in others that he is more confident and important one to be cared for. It is important that you approach people with a sincere and genuine smile to make your presence comfortable to others.

A warm smile always reflects an atmosphere of friendliness that puts onlookers at ease. If a person smiles nervously, it is likely to reflect the nervousness in others too. Handshake is another positive gesture which should be firm enough to send a message that you are confident and sincere, but never too hard to show that you are an aggressive personality.

It is also important to make sure that you are welcome to go to another person’s space, which would be easier if you already know that person. As we get to know new people, we will also understand their body language and will become skilled enough to learn their moods and attitudes.

Even the breath that we take is a gesture of communication of our body language to another. Attempts should be at taking slow, deep breaths, especially when you meet a new person in order to appear that you are calm and relaxed. The slow paces of deep breath are important to get rid of tension.

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