The Power of a Smile In Conversational Hypnosis

Back in the mid 1930s, one of the teachings of the late Dale Carnegie is how to utilize your smile when communicating with other people. That principle has been adopted by many sales and business trainers training in town.

When learning the art of conversational hypnosis, Igor Ledochowski stresses the importance of creating a safe and calming environment. A friendly smile on your face does that.

There is a key difference between what Dale Carnegie thought versus the current world. Nowadays, people are less trusting and are high suspicious of other people. Therefore, the old-fashion grin on your face does not carry much weight for today’s sophisticated crowd.

What are the different categories of smile?

Smile ranges from the tight rubber band grin of a lying person to a soft and warm smile of happy infant. There are real smiles and also fake smiles.

The key to achieve good results in conversational hypnosis is to learn how to portray a real and sincere smile on your face.

There is a technique to have a smile sincerely. According to Leil Lowndes, the author of How to Talk To Anyone, the trick is to let it out slowly. Yup, from a small grin and slowly transform into a big smile.

For some reason, this approach of smiling creates a sense of sincerity. I am not sure why this is, but since it works, we might as well use it in our daily communication.

So, the next time you are trying a get a message across to another person, use the verbal hypnosis techniques taught by Dr. Milton Erickson and Igor Ledochowski. Start any conversation with a smile, but let your smile comes out slowly.

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3 thoughts on “The Power of a Smile In Conversational Hypnosis

  1. John Vincent

    Love it… A great way to create rapport with someone as you walk up to them, imagining it’s a friend you know really well and letting the smile spread across your face. Starting at first a little unsure of it is the person you know,recognizing them and being pleased to see them. It triggers all those same kind of feelings in them. Great post.

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