Here’s a Quick Way To Hypnotize People On The Phone

There is some real story which I like to share on how I used conversational hypnosis to help my friend to change her life and get back to his normal life. This story since natural, I will change the person name to Peggy.

Peggy was affected by her employer downsized people strength and she got fired in the process. She called me in the phone crying to say the bad news. Added to her worries is she had just bought a house and it was her first.

She was confused and not knowing what to do and she called me seeking my help how to go about it? Peggy was with the firm for past 6 years, and now that job she as lost how would she pay her mortgage and so on?

Initially I felt difficult and had no words for her sorrow, but later something sort of a miracle happened. I will later explain about this amazing event.

I just went on to speak to her in a way like without conscious, and all the information I learned from Igor Ledochowski’s online verbal hypnosis course made me persuade better in an automatic way.

I was surprised by my performance. The situation soon came under my control with the conversation things got better about her and Peggy had stopped crying before I got to know. Just some time back she was crying, depressed about life which is not fair and more worried about paying house mortgage by being jobless, and many more challenges like this.

I was successful in changing her mindset within few minutes and she realized things are not as bad. All she has to do is to face her challenges as they come and turn it to an even better in future. I was surprised by the way a person could change so quickly, and moreover being a hypnotist, my job is to help people change whenever it is necessary.

The technique I used makes you think the ideas flow spontaneously with the conversation and it is exactly right. I was successful with my friend in a short time using the method thought by Ledochowski. Otherwise, it would have taken hours to calm her down on the phone!

At the end of conversation, she really appreciates my idea suggesting for her to go ahead and make things in future better. The best part of it all is that Peggy unknowingly in this conversation thinks the idea I give is the idea of her own. This is powerful since it favours you to take ahead the conversation, thus gives control of the situation to you.

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