How To Use Anchoring To Supercharge Your Personal Effectiveness

Ok, lets start right away! The basic concept that neurons that fire together are in turn wired together. This is the idea that an anchor in NLP is based on.

Imagine that the last holiday that you were on you, imagine you came across a fruit that was unfamiliar to you. Imagine that it was a papaya and this was your first time eating it. From this time you ate papaya every day through the duration of the holiday because you enjoyed its lovely smell and its intruiging taste so much.

A period of time later, you are finished your holiday and at home doing some shopping at the local store. Upon the shelves in the store there are papayas for sale. You can remember each time that you experienced papaya before on your holiday. You decide to buy a few and make a meal with them.

As you begin to eat, the memories of your holiday go through your head once again. This is because your head had anchored your holiday to the papaya. From this time each time that a papaya is mentioned or even eaten your mind will play over parts of your holiday.

Your head is a tool that can be used to anchor situations to objects deliberately. To have the ability to anchor an emotional response to something specific such as a movement, a taste, or a sound then it is most successful when the emotional state is near or at its maximum.

When you sense that the emotions are rising to its optimum level then you can “drop the anchor” and solidify the response to the emotion. If the emotion begins to fade then you should stop trying to set the anchor in place. To show this imagine a time when you were young and very curious.

It was approaching your birthday and your parents had hid your present and you knew where they were. They did not know that you knew this. At one point they were out of the house and you decided to take a look and have a feel to see if you could determine what was inside each box.

Perhaps you tried to check under the wrapping paper just because you were really curious. Questions ran through your mind. Did you get what you asked for? Was it really right there?

Your emotional state of curiosity begins to rise, now try to touch the tip of your thumb to the top of your pinky finger and press them on and off. Ok, now think about something that happened this morning, like brushing your teeth.

Finally you should attempt to clear your mind and focus on the anchor. The anchor should set into place firmer as your think about it. This is the method used to create an anchor. Now think how could you use this technique to benefit you in the short term.

What hobbies have you wanted to pursuit but did not have time for. Use the technique and remember to touch the thumb and pinky together and you should begin to feel curious. You should notice times that you felt curious cross your mind and you should let this curiosity rise.

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