Your Body Do Speaks Louder Than Words – Here’s How To Use Them

How many of you just consider just the words spoken by a speaker on stage during his message and decide whether it’s a good speech or not? The answer to most of you will be yes.

It’s not just words that you speak it’s actually the way you present your words. The purpose of this post is to convince you of some key steps to take to ensure your body doesn’t cloud the message next time you get up to speak.

The Head

The first thing that we see during someone speaks is the speakers face. So to exaggerate the meaning show expressions like smile, frown, look angry, shocked amazed. But always be precise about what you actually want to convey.

Eye Contact

If you wish to leave a very good impression on the audience while you speak then the best option is to maintain a good eye contact with the audience. This is probably the one skill, when mastered that does the most to engage the audience and build the trust and rapport with them.

The point here is to never let go. Keep looking at the audience as if you are scanning their faces. Randomly select a person make an eye contact for few seconds and move on to the next one.

Speak as if you are having a conversation. If there are an audience comprising 25 people or more, consider a group of people as one and look at them and speak. Because of the distance between you and them every person will feel as if you are speaking to him/her.

As it is impossible to look at each person individually. It’s just like the tennis game where you never let go the sight of the ball or you will lose. Same way it’s here.

The Feet

Now comes the other very important part, your feet and legs. Remember that a right posture always matters. You cannot really do much with your limbs unless you are walking on the stage.

That movement must be with a purpose, not aimless wandering as it will only distract the audience. Try to stand straight on the ground and equal balance on both the legs. Do not lean towards a side. It looks awkward.

Also while you are walking, don’t look like a catwalk model. Be professional not a slouch.

“Nerves”, that is a word which scares you every time you stand up to speak in public. It’s something very natural. Professionals call it adrenaline and you need that to do a really good job.

So welcome nerves or adrenaline and make them help you to do a good work. It will show itself in the extreme parts of your body like feet, hands, head. Keeping your body straight will help your body to transfer the energy to your brain as it is the most important part while giving a speech.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to stand stiff and still while delivering your message. Be professional and keep shifting your balance on sides but don’t show unnecessary movements.

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